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TEAM “JUSTICE” – C#2 Teamwork

Nickname Name Check-In’s Task
Cvetan Tsvetan Gerginski 14 Player
smvalkov Stanislav Valkov 6 GameControl
stinger907 Denis Kyashif 18 GameUI, Menu
Todor.Yanev Todor Yanev 19 ScoreSystem
mitko0003 Dimitar Trendafilov 11 MazeCell
vodkatini Svetoslav Georgiev 2 Documentation

The purpose of the current project is to create a Console game, which in our case is the “Maze” game. Player enters in a labyrinth and the goal is to cross to the exit with as little moves as possible. The better pattern chosen, the better score.

The code implementation of the game consists of:
  • class GameUI – where is the “Main” method of the game, from which the rest of the game is loaded
  • class GameControl – is the part of the program responsible for player’s track record.
  • class MazeCell – generates and prints the labyrinth on the Console, where the player selects the path.
  • class Menu – gives the initial options for the player, as like “New Game”, “Quit”, “Resume” or “High scores”
  • class Player - is the part of the program responsible for player’s track movement
  • class ScoreSystem – writes the score from the game and keeps all results in a text file, so you can get High Scores”

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